About us

about us

Our goal is the success of our customers and the development of the financial sector in all countries where our Brand is represented.
That’s why we support our services at the most up-to-date level and offer innovative products.

As one of the leaders in the global forex industry, Mry Capital Markets takes the most responsible approach to analyzing and improving the quality of service it offers to its clients, who have responded to these efforts and brand innovations with a high level of confidence continuously for decades and month to month.

“Big Dreams begin with the first Step” say Chinese sages. And this Wise saying exactly reflects us.
Our brand continues its activities without slowing down. Mry Capital Markets experts always explain the company’s services and service quality in Turkish, English and Russian languages.

Our Goals

  1. 1
    Developing financial awareness

    As Mry Capital, we welcome the efforts of Financial industry Leaders to provide convenience for people. Steps to be taken to improve financial awareness Makes our entire team happy.

  2. 2
    Providing access to the international financial market

    We look forward to technological innovations so that everyone who is interested in the International Finance Market can easily access them, and we always follow these developments and train our Team in this direction.

  3. 3
    Regulatory participation and enhancing the reputation of the Forex market

    We support those who strive for an honest approach and the growth of Winning Companies and the development of the sector.

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Professional Consulting

One of the keys to the trust of our references is professional advice. Top experts in the industry are always ready to assist you.

Valuable Ideas

We offer valuable ideas to become a reliable brand worldwide. Earn from your recommendations; Tell your colleagues, friends and students about these ideas.

Perfect Timing

We are particularly confident in the processing speed of deposit and withdrawal applications. You can always reach our customer representatives on the fastest communication channel.

Right Investment

With the right investment recommendations, it was possible to reduce the amount of negative slippage of Orders in favor of positive slippage, that is, to provide more favorable trading conditions for customers.

Grow faster

Grow Fast with Meta Trader 4, one of the most technically advanced and popular trading terminals in the world with access to the “price glass” and other break key features.

Develop Your Investment Strategy

New Buy Stop Limit and Sell Stop Limit orders can be easily placed to improve trading strategies.
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact our customer support team.

Fast efficient trades with Meta Trader 5

High performance Software for creating trading advisors and indicators.

You can contact our Experts to learn MetaTrader 5 for Free, anytime from anywhere.

Support after sale

You can contact our experts at any time for any of your transactions.

Tomorrow's Technology Matters to Us

We partner with all major technology vendors

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There is a 10% lot requirement for 50% bonuses.

    Mry Capital Markets

    Our vision is to become a company that makes a difference by becoming more transparent and accessible to everyone in the online commerce sector.
    In 2007, the founders of Mry Capital Markets Group, LLC launched the first online trading service under the MRY CAPITAL brand. Until today, we have worked to realize our unique vision of the sector, which is full of energy and determination.


    #403 office 4th floor Serdara Jola Piletića, Podgorica 81000 Montenegro