Investment Tools

Investment Tools

As Mry Capital Markets, we offer investment opportunities in many product ranges. You can manage your investments with Mry Capital and get support from our investment experts.

Product Range

  1. 1

    Forex, the world's largest capital market, allows investors to find the best investment opportunities. Thanks to the Forex market, you can manage your investment transactions very quickly and in a controlled way, unlike the physical markets. Open a forex account at Mry Capital Markets and get the opportunity to make profits while the pairs are rising and falling by trading on 52 popular currency pairs.

    • Leverage 1:300
    • Opportunity to trade 52 currency pairs
    • Free and Risk-Free Trial Opportunity with Demo Account
  2. 2

    In addition to commodities such as gold and silver that we have used for investment purposes for centuries, you can invest in various commodities from oil to natural gas, from cotton to wheat, and you can profit from price movements. Investing, buying, selling, storing and transporting these commodities in physical markets involve huge problems. However, thanks to the forex market, you can buy and sell commodities online.

    • Leverage 1:100
    • Gold, Oil, Silver, Agricultural Products and More
    • Free and Risk-Free Trial Opportunity with Demo Account
  3. 3

    With simultaneous price data coming directly from the NYSE and NASDAQ, you have the opportunity to invest in the stocks of many companies. By opening an account at Mry Capital Markets, you can trade on the stock prices of more than 50 large companies, including giants such as Alibaba, Apple, Microsoft, Google and Tesla.

    • Leverage 1:10
    • Low Spread Opportunity
    • Largest Global Companies
    • Free and Risk-Free Trial Opportunity with Demo Account
  4. 4

    The index consists of the stock prices of many companies. Indices are usually created with stocks listed on the same exchange. Investors, on the other hand, carry out their transactions by investing on index prices, aiming to both distribute their risk and earn profit with the growth obtained from there.

    • Leverage 1:100
    • Trading Opportunity in 12 Global Indices
    • Free and Risk-Free Trial Opportunity with Demo Account
  5. 5

    Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, which have taken the financial world by storm recently, are now accepted as investment tools. Recently, El Salvador accepted Cryptocurrency as a means of payment. The harder it is to invest in cryptocurrencies by opening an account on a cryptocurrency exchange, the easier it is to do it through forex. In addition, when trading on forex, you have the opportunity to earn not only on the rise of cryptocurrencies, but also on the fall.

    Bitcoin – Ada – Dash – EOS – ETH – XRP – XMR – Link – Dogecoin – XTZ – TRX – LXM Trade And Much More Turn Highs And Lows Into Profits!

    • Leverage 1:1
    • Opportunity to trade with all cryptocurrencies
    • Free and Risk-Free Trial Opportunity with Demo Account

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