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The Reimbursement Policy has been developed to reduce the Company’s financial and legal risks, and to comply with the principles of combating money laundering and terrorist financing.

The Company has the right to unilaterally block access to the Client area, suspend the trading activities of the Accounts, cancel the transfer/withdrawal request or issue a refund if the source of funds or the Client’s activities conflict with anti-money laundering. counter-terrorism financing policy

The Company does not cancel any applied trades, therefore, if no trading activity has been recorded in the trading accounts within one month from the date of the reload, the Company has the right to return the funds to the remitter.

The company has the right to return funds received for certain objective reasons and, if necessary, through any payment system, including credit/debit cards. In addition, the refund will be made to the electronic wallets and bank details used by the Customer when making the payment. It should also be noted that the withdrawal of the total amount of deposits is possible only with the same conditions and the same payment system used when depositing funds into the account.

Timelines for withdrawals do not exceed two bank days from the time the withdrawal request is submitted. In some cases, money transfers may exceed specified timelines depending on a payment system/law bank.

The Company has the right to act within the framework of this document, without prior notice to the Customer, in the event that the Client’s activities are classified as inappropriate or contrary to the Company’s intended use of the service, in the event of a direct or indirect, illegal or dishonest intent. All direct or indirect losses; The costs associated with the transfer of funds are reimbursed to the Company from the Client’s funds.

When topping up a business account with a credit card, the Customer agrees not to request the bank to recover the payment received to both the business account and the credit/debit card provider. and after use of Company services. Any such attempt will be considered by the Company as a breach of the Agreement for the provision of services for which the Client may be liable under national legislation.

The Company will take all necessary measures to prevent and block the credit and withdrawal of funds from the Customer’s account by third parties. Withdrawals and withdrawals from the account can only be made by the owner of this account.

Lot requirement rules within the gift campaign;

Transactions under 3 minutes are not valid for lot counting.
-Hedge transactions are invalid.
-Trades that are closed negative (at a loss) are invalid in lot counting.

While there is a lot requirement, the account is definitely locked and there is no withdrawal.
-Make sure you accept these terms when accepting the lot condition.
-None of the above items can be changed or offered to be changed.

About the bonus;

All bonuses collected without special agreement are Margin support bonuses. If the profit is withdrawn, the bonus will not be deducted from the account. In cases where your principal is negative, the account is reset by our institution. Transactions made only with the Bonus are invalid.

In lot calculation
Parities 1 to 1
gold silver 1 to 1
Brent 100 equals volume 1
Wti 100 is equal to volume 1
Ngas 30 volume equal to 1 lot
Dax 25 volume equal to 1 lot
Nasdaq dow sp500 20 volume 1 lot
Crypto and stocks are not included in the lot calculation.

There is a 10% lot requirement for 50% bonuses.

Currency discounts have a 10% lot requirement.

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